With a taxation level amongst the lowest in the region and property values increasing, the accomplishments of our team are numerous. Our candidates are there to answer your questions and share the positive impact our administration has had. Our experience, integrity and leadership come through.

The Parti de l’action de Vaudreuil-Dorion (PAVD) is proud of its accomplishments. We have presented but a glimpse of what has been achieved over the years. In a city of 38,000 residents and an annual $70M budget we have done so much more than we can share in a campaign.

With hopes of securing a new mandate, the new team, which forms the PAVD for this election, is driven to pursue what has been started. Presented in its platform, the commitments and orientations are the broad ideas that will guide the actions of the municipal council under our team’s governance.

The four main commitments presented here are the important projects we consider coherent with the vision proposed, in full respect of public finances and prioritized from day one after the election. We did not want to present dozens of campaign promises. Instead, we are committing to our citizens to accomplish the core ideas we present.

Four Commitments

First Responders Program

The City of Vaudreuil-Dorion must conform to a safety cover plan adopted by the MRC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges. To meet its obligations, permanent firefighters were hired. Trained and equipped, these firefighters are an asset for our city’s safety and security. With the population growth we have experienced and the arrival of housing complexes for retirees, the needs have increased. To accelerate the response times for residents and given that we already have permanent firefighters within the territory, the Parti de l’action de Vaudreuil-Dorion wants to implement a First Responders Program to support our existing efforts with regards to the security of our citizens.

According to Guy Pilon, leader of the PAVD, “what needs to be understood is that based on legal requirements, we could be content with doing the bare minimum, but our team would rather seize the opportunity to significantly improve the quality of life in our municipality. Having first responders, is giving the means to rapidly respond when citizens have accidents or health problems by stabilizing the situation while medical help is on its way.” The service does not replace ambulance or police services.”

The team is aware that adjustments will be required, but it is confident that this new service rapidly be deployed. When the emergency patrol was added, citizens quickly grasped the project’s benefits. This commitment is thus coherent with the PAVD’s vision.

Pedestrian Links

The City of Vaudreuil-Dorion is a junction point where several highways and railways cross, but it is also surrounded by water and has rivers run through it. These geographic constraints complicate circulation for individuals within the city. Over the past few years, the PAVD implemented several projects to improve flow and mobility. During its next mandate, pedestrian and cycling links will be established to facilitate mobility between neighbourhoods.

First, in district 3 – des Bâtisseurs, an active transportation crossing will be built to connect des Nénuphars and Émile-Bouchard across Cité-des-Jeunes. This initiative will enable residents from the Floralies sector to access the commercial area on de la Gare, from the CLSC, Multisports Complex to the AMT station. A road connection is not planned because of major constraints imposed by the Environment Ministry and because during a referendum, the citizens of the neighbourhood touched by this project refused this new road section citing high costs and deeming the project unnecessary. Fiscal equity of funding mechanisms in a city is essential to respect citizens in other sectors who funded their respective infrastructures.

The second link will connect district 3 and district 8 – de la Baie by linking des Asters and des Muguets. This pedestrian link aims mainly to ensure safe passage for teenagers, staff and families needing to access the Cité-des-Jeunes campus. A path will be developed to secure the crossing of the AMT train track. It will also be a special access point towards the three waterfront parks in the Baie de Vaudreuil, namely Esther-Blondin, de la Paix and de la Maison Valois.

Our team is committed to realize both these projects but does not plan on stopping there. Aware of the complexities linked to such large-scale endeavours that also require persistent consultation and collaboration with businesses and ministries, we also intend to pursue the efforts to put a crossing between Valois Street and Harwood Boulevard to secure travel.

Natural Zone

Acquired by the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion five years ago, the land formerly owned by the Pères de Sainte-Croix is the only access point to the conservation area on l’île aux Tourtes, near the bridge. The objectives of this acquisition where numerous: maintain access to this natural area, protect the sector from real estate development and ensure a large conservation area.

More than 6 million square feet were acquired and/or protected by the City over the past few years to protect sensitive zones or prevent any type of development. The Pères de Sainte-Croix land is adjacent to a conservation area owned by Ducks Unlimited. The portion of land owned by the City could become a natural space made accessible to citizens.

The Parti de l’action de Vaudreuil-Dorion wants to conserve these natural spaces for the use of children and families. Imagine access to water, a boat ramp, ice fishing, nature activities or a day camp. The land would be designed for citizens to benefit from a new nature park.

Intergenerational Family Policy

The City of Vaudreuil-Dorion is definitely recognized for its family-friendly environment. Just like the recreation policy, the family policy will amalgamate programs pertinent to families. The orientations that will be taken in the coming years will span early childhood to retirement and will be paired with an action plan which aims to clearly identify the projects accomplished and those that are forecasted.

Families change, neighbourhoods evolve and it is thanks to this official policy that actions can be taken at the population level and adjusted to continue to answer the needs of citizens.

Several questions will be raised:

  • how can we improve quality of life for families?
  • what infrastructures and services are needed?
  • how do we facilitate mobility for parents with young children, seniors and disabled persons?
  • how do we pursue our projects of intergenerational mediation by applying them to recreational activities and neighbourhood life?
  • Etc.

It is also by continuing our involvement with local community organizations that it will be possible to offer a variety of services to residents. Despite a socio-economic profile that is considered on average privileged, we know that there exist challenges related to isolation, family conflicts, homelessness as well as the need to welcome new residents to offer them all the services available to them.


1. Municipal democracy, administration and communications

A – Improve client services for citizens by: 

  • Improving direct communications with citizens and facilitating call reception.
  • Implementing mediation services to resolve conflicts between citizens or businesses and the city.
  • Supporting and coaching citizens who want to present a project to the city.
  • Reserving a percentage of the municipal budget earmarked for citizens todevelop and completion group projects.

B – Encourage access to information for our citizens by:

  • Updating communication methods.
  • Continuing to hold public information sessions on certain aspects of municipal regulations.
  • Collecting citizen e-mail addresses to facilitate newsletter distribution.

C – Continue our sound management of municipal finances by:

  • Planning responsible spending that provides financial room for manoeuvering.
  • Maintaining a tax rate among the lowest while continuing to offer quality services.
  • Keeping the municipal debt level at an acceptable level.
2. Urban planning: transportation and infrastructure

A – Continue our work to stimulate transportation mobility and flow by

  • Observing citizen habits to better identify and implement necessary improvements.
  • Continue improvements on internal pedestrian links (Valois and Harwood).
  • Improving the intersection of des Floralies and de la Cité-des-Jeunes.

B – Work with the Ministry of Transportation (MTQ) to complete infrastructure projects that are essential to our city’s development:

  • Boulevard Harwood (Highway 20) and de Lotbinière (Route 338).
  • Intersection of de la Gare Boulevard and Highway 30.
  • Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes, in anticipation of the hospital.

C – Revitalize infrastructure in our city’s aging neighbourhoods by:

  • Continuing the analysis of aqueduct and sewer pipes.
  • Connecting certain areas to the water filtration and waste plants.
  • Continuing resurfacing work on certain streets.

D – Become the owner of our city hall by:

  • Making sure that the strategic analysis of potential sites respects governmental legal constraints.
  • Seize the opportunity of building a city hall to create a public space for citizens.
3. Families and quality of life

A – Take direct measures to support the quality of life of families by:

  • Identifying what currently done and highlight actors who work to improve the quality of life for families.
  • Investing in infrastructure for teens and seniors.
  • Continuing to improve accessibility and mobility for parents with young children, seniors, and disabled persons.
  • Working on innovative intergenerational mediation projects.

B – Pursue the city’s involvement in community life by: 

  • Breaking down people’s isolation.
  • Supporting services for young offenders and the homeless.
  • Helping families facing difficulties.
  • Welcoming and supporting new residents.
  • Continuing to financially support accredited organizations.
4. Economic Development

A – Maintain our development and promotional efforts to create more jobs in our city efforts by: 

  • Attracting businesses that offer jobs.
  • Making sure business owners understand their obligations before their establishment.
  • Supporting our local businesses so they can evolve and maintain offering local services.

B – Renew and extend the tax credit program for the redevelopment of certain sectors in our city by: 

  • Offering financial incentives.
  • Adjusting by-laws to facilitate development.
5. The environment, green space, and water

A – Increase awareness amongst citizens about our numerous environmental programs and services by: 

  • Promoting the many subsidies available to citizens.
  • Creating an Environmental Portal with a question forum on the city’s website.
  • Facilitating energy-saving transportation methods.

B – Keep improving local parks by:

  • Arranging spaces in tune with resident needs (shaded areas, planting of trees with dense foliage, public restrooms, potable water, benches and tables, etc).
  • Building more communal garden plots to foster intergenerational links.
  • Improving water access in the Dorion sector (Sabourin and Île Bray parks).
  • Increasing the total surface of dog parks.

C – Implement the Environmental Policy issuing from the citizen consultations held on April 4 and 25, 2017.

6. Culture and recreation

A – Complete the municipal library expansion to cater to growing needs. 

B – Build a new interior pool that meets the diverse needs of the community.  

C – Pursue the city’s involvement and support of cultural activities and organizations. 

D – Nurture our partnerships with local school boards to make optimal use of different sites and spaces for our residents. 


On November 5, in Vaudreuil-Dorion, we vote!

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