With a taxation level amongst the lowest in the region and property values increasing, the accomplishments of our team are numerous. Our candidates are there to answer your questions and share the positive impact our administration has had. Our experience, integrity and leadership come through.

• Paving, curbs and lighting on more than 8 kilometres of road networks.
• Expansion and upgrading of water treatment plants to double their capacity.
• Implementation of municipal services in new housing developments (more than 500 homes).
• Improvements to public transportation services (schedule, bus shelters, bike racks).
• A 24 kilometre network of bike paths, half of which were laid in the past 4 years.
• ‘Sur Harwood’ revitalization project (public consultations and action plan).
• Redesign and update of the city’s website:
• City presence on social media.
• Automated calls in case of emergency (boil water advisories, floods, etc.).
• Creation of the new Environment Department.
• A Green City: no pesticides, developing greener spaces and urban forests, citizen subsidies, usage of natural fertilizers, watering with untreated water, etc.
• Planning conservation areas.
• Establishment of Ericsson Canada (an investment of $1.3 billion)
• Major investments from the Harden Group on the Avenues Vaudreuil.
• Installation of community book and toy boxes.
• Increased patrolling hours for Public Security.
• Snow removal on certain bike paths.
• The Maison-Valois Park Agora adding value to cultural activities.
• Synthetic soccer and football field.
• Park improvements: playgrounds, water parks, skate park, etc.

Recognitions and Awards


Union des municipalités du Québec (UMQ)
• Recognition of excellence for health prevention and work security from the mutuelle de prévention en Santé et Sécurité du travail – 2017
• Award in risk management for fire safety services at the Mérite de la Mutuelle des municipalités du Québec (MMQ) – 2014
• Ovation municipale award in the Citizen approach, democratic life and intercultural relations category for the Mozaïk Parade project – 2014
• Joseph-Beaubien silver prize at the Ovation municipale in the Citizen relations category for the Les artistes du bonheur project – 2014

Ovations Vaudreuil-Soulanges
• Ovation of the year award and Ovations in the Public, parapublic and municipal category for the international success of cultural mediation and Agenda 21 – November 2016
Cités et gouvernements locaux unis (CGLU)
• Recognition in the City, local or regional government category for the Je Suis project in May 2016 in Mexico
• Model City for the Agenda 21 of culture – 2015
• Pilot City for the Agenda 21 of culture – 2014
Réseau québécois des Villes et villages en santé
• Prize for being a welcoming and supportive community thanks to the Je Suis project – 2013


On November 5, in Vaudreuil-Dorion, we vote!

On November 5, in Vaudreuil-Dorion, we vote!Nov 3, 2017 | 0 comments “Before voting, take time to reflect…

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